MailScanner-Based Products and Services

These are 3rd-party products and services that make use of MailScanner to provide anti-spam and/or anti-virus email facilities. The MailScanner team do not endorse these products or services in any way, and have absolutely no influence or control over them.
Fortress Systems Ltd
Specialists in MailScanner support and MailScanner enterprise system design and implementation. Based in Washington DC, USA but provide support world-wide. In the USA call 1 877 746-6636 toll-free.
Lushsoft Limited Small Business IT Services providing managed hosted, managed email security services, outsourced IT support and consultancy. MailScanner is used to provide Managed Email Security Services protecting companies emails from unsolicited and malicious emails.
Huff Data Systems
IT consulting and service, plus remote server management. Use MailScanner to provide an anti-spam and anti-virus solution. Located in Texas, USA.
SH Com
German hosting company, most customers in the USA. Offer web-hosting packages, dedicated servers, etc. Will set up MailScanner for customers on request, or assist customers with their installation.
Xperience, Inc.
E-mail server installations including MailScanner as a standard feature. They also have a DGAP product that includes MailScanner into a proxy server.
Blacknight Solutions
Provide hosting throughout Europe and beyond. They filter customers' email for spam and other undesirable content using MailScanner and SpamAssassin.
Data Techie Inc
Provide computer/network consulting services. Offer hosting for web sites and email accounts. Hosting options include "SpamSlam" service based on MailScanner for spam control, and "S.A.V.E." spam and virus elimination providing virus detection as well.
Pert Consultores
Internet infrastructure products, services and consulting in Argentina, now covering other countries in Latin America. Alerce outsourced service provides mail relay and antispam solution on customer premises, based on ZMailer, MailScanner and SpamAssassin.
Internet Access Facilities
One of the oldest Internet Service Providers in The Netherlands. It offers its clients the possiblity to have their e-mail scanned for spam, viruses etc. They use MailScanner, SpamAssassin and F-prot for this. If you have an address scanning is for free.
RWM Consultant
Enterprise solutions with MailScanner/Sendmail/Spamassassin in Brazil.
Provide networking services, focused on Security Consulting, Antivirus and AntiSpam solutions, Linux Migration and Support Services. Based in Bogota, D.C. Colombia, but provide service to Latinamerica, also.
Periwinkle Communications LLC
USA based Internet Consulting and Hosting Firm with clients worldwide. Provides both MailScanner with SpamAssassin as an email filtering option for inhouse hosting clients and remote server management services, including SendMail/MailScanner/SpamAssassin installation, configuration, and support.
Internet Development Group based in Colorado USA, providing complementary MailScanner/SpamAssassin/Clam-Anti-Virus to all domains with configuration options for light, medium and advanced mail users.
Global Advanced Server Administration Team providing assistance with high to heavy traffic networks including installation, configuration, and follow-up support for each MailScanner/SpamAssassin/Clam-Anti-Virus package.
Linux Network Care
Offer professional MailScanner installation and support.
rackAID Support Services
rackAID provides dedicated server support and management services. Including full support for MailScanner and SpamAssassin on RedHat Linux, Ensim Webppliance, and Cobalt Raq servers.
Teknix Innovation
Teknix Innovation is a dynamic team evolving in Canada offering professional MailScanner consulting, installation and support for simple or robust email systems (small office, relaying with existing mail servers, cluster, isp, all unix platforms)
Itel Tigerbyte
An outsourced IT company based in the US, Itel Tigerbyte maintains and monitors both voice and data networks using their Zymphony Network Appliance. The Zymphony server and their hosting facilities both use Mail Scanner and Spam Assassin to accurately filter customers email as well as provide a range of other essential network services.
Just Servers Ltd
Supply Linux solutions configured as Firewalls, Anti-Span/Anti-Virus systems (using Mailscanner and Spamassasssin) and data storage servers to End Users,Computer Consultants, Dealers and Schools.
Just Hosting
Provide hosting to customers throughout the world. We use MailScanner and SpamAssassin for contect checking on all accounts and also offer email cleaning services to companies and other hosting providers.
N&K Technology Consultants
Provides turnkey antispam/antivirus solutions using Sendmail/MailScanner/SpamAssassin/Razor/ClamAV in the Republic of Panama.
Hunet Kft.
Hungary (Europe) based IT consulting and service company. From design to implementation, then management and support. Hosting of web and virus-free e-mail services by using MailScanner.
Agenda OpenSystems
Agenda Open Systems is a leading Slovenian integrator of Linux and opensource IT solutions. We have different certificates and references to indicate the professional level of our technical support and services. We are specialists in e-mail security systems design, implementation and support.
Opus Technology Systems
IT Consulting, Service, Networking that provides sophisticated, reliable solutions at a fraction of the cost. Use MailScanner to provide an anti-spam/virus solutions and support full monitoring and services for email and networks.
Trevorn Technologies
Provider of IT support services in the southeast United States. Trevorn provides assistance with the installation and support of messaging systems using Mailscanner.
RaQTweak is specialized in installing and creating custom software packages for the SUN/Cobalt RaQ Server line. They also offer MailScanner for the Cobalt RaQ. This package comes with a complete control panel.
OpenProtect - Opencomputing Technologies
Opencomputing Technologies provides OpenProtect - a complete server side e-mail protection platform integrating MailScanner as the content filtering framework with ClamAV, SpamAssassin, Razor, Pyzor, DCC and Kaspersky Antivirus Technology with a unique per server (flat) license for USD $649 per server per year.
Grecco Consulting Services LLC
Grecco Consulting Services, LLC is an Application Hosting and Network Consulting company based in Austin, TX. We offer our clients a wide range of value added IT Services and Products including Managed Services, Application Hosting, Network Design, and Secure Email Gateways utilizing the power of MailScanner.
Webservio Inc
Webservio, Inc. provides web solutions including e-mail support using Mail Scanner. Located in Tennessee, USA, Webservio provides 24/7/365 monitoring and support.